Software Development

Our company - software developer with more then 10 years experience in developing applications for Windows and websites. We can offer software development using the following technologes:

  • С++.NET, С#.NET, ASP.NET;
  • MS SQL, MySQL;
  • MS Access, Exсel, VBA;
  • PHP 5, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, XML, HTML;

The high efficiency of our work is achieved by using a flexible and reliable software development process that is based on previous used practice methodologies. Therefore, we provide the predictability of results at each stage of software development. Usually, application development is divided into the following stages:

  • studing of customer requirements;
  • designing;
  • code implementing;
  • testing;
  • writing technical documentation;
  • deployment and installing software applications;
  • assistanting in studing of software applications;
  • enchancing and optimization software applications;
  • providing support;

You have to write the technical specification, if you're going to develop complex applications. How to do this you can read on this page »

Our rates

We work with our clients on fixed-price projects and time-and-material (T&M) contracts. In a project being performed under a fixed-price contract, a client is buying a defined set of customer requirements provided by the client (the documentation has to contain customer requirements); if your project has not a documentation, then technical documentation writing is charged separately. Customer provides a comprehensive project documentation or we write it and start a project after. Time-and-material (T&M) contracts provide the client with the ability to acquire the services on the basis of hourly rates listed in the contract. This type of contract is appropriate when there are the customer requirements that has not been defined or could change during performing of the project.

Service Price, per hour, EUR
Remote it-consulting 17