Top-5 Website Builders.

What site engine do you need to use for a site? This question arises for everyone who is going to contact the site developers. There are many engines (CMS) and each has its own characteristics. Buyers are mainly interested in the ability of technical support for the future site: are there any specialists who are good at the site engine to be serviced?

In this article we present 5 of the most popular website development platforms. The main selection criterias were the popularity of the engine developer among consumers and professionals who used their engines to develop websites and could provide support for web solutions in Russia.

We start our list with an ASP.NET site developer (Windows-platform). Umbraco is the only one company from Europe in this list. The company is well known in Europe, USA. In Russia the company is little known among customers. Although there are specialists in Russia who are interested in building sites utilizing the engine and possibly could provide website support for foreign clients.

Below is a list of PHP site developers (Linux platform).

No. Name Country
1 WordPress USA
2 Bitrix Russia
3 OpenCard Chine
4 WebAsys Russia

In first place is the world's most popular free website builder platform, WordPress. The engine was created in 2003 and since then the popularity of using the engine has been growing. Today more than 30% of sites in the world are working powered by WordPress.

In second place is Bitrix from Russian company "1C-Bitrix". Bitrix is slightly inferior in popularity to WordPress. But it is also a commercial development.

Bitrix has been successfully competing in the website development market for several years and displaced such well-known engines as Joomla, Drupal, UMI.CMS and many others from the tops.

In third place is the OpenCart engine. 5 years ago, the program was one of the most popular in Russia. Now it is inferior in popularity to WordPress and Bitrix. The engine is free. There are many specialists in Russia, who support and modify the engine.

In fourth place is WebAsys developed by Russian company "Articus" LLC. The program has stable been competiting among the market leaders for over 10 years. The company released a new version of the engine more than 10 years ago to create online stores called Shop-Script. This version has everything you need to create modern online store. The development is almost no different from its predecessors, but only inferior to them in popularity.